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Inspiring Story of the Day

Auburn University Homecoming Queen, Molly Anne Dutton.

Auburn University Homecoming Queen, Molly Anne Dutton.

Just came across this beautiful, life-affirming story out of Auburn University, where 100th university homecoming queen Molly Anne Dutton almost didn’t live to achieve the title. Why? Molly Anne was conceived under horrific circumstances involving a sexual assault but her birth mother nevertheless chose life for her daughter and sought the counseling services needed to ensure the child was raised in a proper home. God bless Molly, her adoptive family and the birth mother who made such a brave and noble choice. From The Global

“…the little girl born into those tough circumstances was elected her university’s homecoming queen after running on a platform entirely devoted to adoption advocacy.

Dutton’s story is a shocking tale of a “victim of a sexual assault that resulted in her becoming pregnant. She was given an ultimatum by her husband: either abort the baby, or face divorce” as Dutton’s mother could have easily aborted her.

Lifeline Children’s Services, a Birmingham-based Christian adoption agency, is credited with helping her biological mother in California and her courageous decision to keep the baby and put her up for adoption instead of aborting.

“Because that resource was made available to my mother, she decided to give birth to me,” Dutton said. “And here I am talking to you guys 22 years later.”

Read the whole thing here. And don’t forget the Kleenex.