Most women harbor dreams of a fairytale wedding and marriage. And while some do achieve it all, they are in the minority. For most of us the reality of living out our daily lives with another person by our side demands compromise, cooperation and commitment. Yes, it takes two to make a marriage, but someone has to take the lead. Why not let that person be you?

That’s the timeless life lesson author Lori Colombo Dunham learned when an unplanned pregnancy rocked her entire world back in 2001. Having only known her baby’s father for a short time, she agonized as to what God’s plan would be for her marriage and family once she and her partner decided that embarking upon an unanticipated marital union was the right thing to do under the circumstances.

So she tearfully bid her girlhood dreams of an elegant church wedding complete with breathtaking white gown, horse-drawn carriage and spectacular reception goodbye to exchange vows in a sterile county courthouse, wearing black and mourning for what could have been. Little did she know that inauspicious beginning would lead to a magnificent, fulfilling marital and family life beyond her wildest dreams. God did indeed have a plan. And it was perfect.

Told in a refreshingly honest and engaging style, Reflections on the Ring: An Ordinary Woman’s Extraordinary Tale of How She Saved Her Marriage and Family will make you laugh, cry and discover the perfection within life’s seeming imperfections. Best of all if you’re seeking to renew your own marriage, Colombo-Dunham’s faith-filled journey will inspire you to emulate her example.


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